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Advertising Products

  • CareerBuilder offers a variety of value-added advertising options globally and locally to help employers increase exposure and promote your employment brand.

Employment Branding Services

  • CareerBuilder offers various branding products including Company Profile, Job Branding and customized services to match your unique recruitment needs.
  • Company Profile highlights your unique employment brand utilizing job seekers optimized templates.
    Job Branding is a premium product offering employers the highest level of design showcasing your employment brand.

Email Services

  • Reach desirable candidates where they're most attentive – in their inboxes. With Recruitment Email Campaigns, you connect with job seekers directly through emails. Enabling you to connect with the most engaged, interested candidates – CareerBuilder only sends your emails to those serious job seekers who have opted in to receive emails from recruiting partners.
  • Dynamic Job Recommendation (DJR) Emails work in conjunction with your job postings to automatically deliver emails featuring your job opportunities to relevant, passive job seekers.
  • Dynamic Job Recommendation Emails increase the quality and relevancy of your applications by automatically delivering email recommendations to selected candidates. DJR Emails are powered by CB's recommendation engine, pro-actively targeting your job opportunity to more private candidates not accessible in our resume database, who most likely would not have seen your job posting.

CB Campus Recruiting APP

  • China's first campus recruiting APP for android phone, The CB Campus Recruiting APP opens up a new way for students to find internships and job opportunities.
  • Job seekers can upload resumes, search companies and jobs, and apply for jobs anywhere anytime by using their phones.
    With real-time interaction, multi-media resumes and data integration, the solution makes campus recruiting easier, more efficient and more organized.

American Supply vs. Demand & Workforce Analytics Data

  • CareerBuilder's workforce data reports show our customers the talent Supply vs. Demand of every job type in every US city and state.
  • Data reports can assist Chinese organizations in identifying where foreign professionals are concentrated in America and help you make better recruiting and advertising decisions.