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Lenovo is an innovative, international technology company formed by merging the Lenovo Group with the IBM PC Company. It has the scale, infrastructure and customer base of a Fortune 150 company with the freedom, innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship of a start-up.

Lenovo develops, manufactures, and markets the most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use technology products. We are only successful when our customers achieve their goals: productivity in business and enhancement of personal life.

To help accomplish this mission, Lenovo must attract and retain the best people in the world -- individuals who are diverse, flexible, highly skilled and motivated; who understand how their work contributes to the bottom-line success of the company; and who demonstrate dedication to their customers – both internally and externally.

To support employees' efforts, Lenovo fosters an environment where employees can grow and develop during their careers. Participation in training and skills development programs is encouraged and our benefits options give employees a variety of choices to meet their personal and professional needs. Lenovo has a culture where employees are recognized and rewarded for their individual and team accomplishments.

We are creating a new company with a vibrant culture that brings together bright and creative people who will not be satisfied with the status quo, who won't settle for mediocrity, and who have the skills to lead in the technology industry. Join the new. Join the future. Join Lenovo.
Our values

Lenovo and its employees are committed to four company values that are the foundation for all that we do:

  • Customer service: We are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every customer.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit: Innovation that matters to our customers, and our company, created and delivered with speed and efficiency.
  • Accuracy and truth-seeking: We manage our business and make decisions based on carefully understood facts.
  • Trustworthiness and integrity: Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.
Customers of the new Lenovo will benefit from the union of PCD's and Lenovo's extraordinary R&D capabilities. Lenovo's global research and development centers in China, Japan and the US have produced some of the world's most important advances in PC technology. The company is rich in talent, with teams who have won hundreds of technology and design awards – including more than 2,000 patents – and introduced many industry firsts. And many more are on the way.

The goal of Lenovo's R&D team is ultimately to improve the overall experience of PC ownership while driving down total cost of ownership. In turn, this commitment distinguishes Lenovo from its competitors and attracts PC customers who demand the increased productivity that real innovation provides.
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