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Job Posting

  • As the core and most efficient product, the job posting displays your open positions to a unique and targeted talent pool available in over 83 countries.
  • You may post your positions in a specific city, region or nation with discounts available with large purchases.
  • Reaches high-quality candidates who might not post their resumes (CVs) in public databases, giving you access to non-shared job seekers.
  • Unlimited text to fully describe your open positions and company benefits to job seekers.
  • CareerBuilder is the only major careers site that does not require candidates to register or post their resume before applying to a job. We offer job seekers the easiest and best user experience, building trust with top talents.

Resume Database

  • Our global resources enables you to get in touch with international talents including large databases in America, Italy, Canada, Greece and many other countries.
  • An easy to use resume database allows your recruiters to find passive candidates.
  • Typically these talents will not search for jobs; they allow recruiters to find them.

Expat Resume Database

  • CareerBuilder is the only company in China which provides more than 300,000 overseas Chinese talents, helping you target and contact candidates accurately and quickly in one easy to use database.
  • Many of the ~300,000 overseas Chinese job seekers are high-quality talents with rich work experience and advanced degrees from all industries and different countries.

Global Source & Screen

  • For organizations that need extra assistance in global recruiting, CareerBuilder offers an outsourcing service to identify top talent in your global markets.
  • Available in America, Canada, France, Germany, India, UK, Sweden and Greece, CareerBuilder will source top talent willing to interview with your organization.
  • Our world class team of recruiting professionals will attract and then filter top talent for your specific needs. This service is based on market availability.
  • Unlike a headhunter service, Source and Screen is based on interviews, not hires. It's a partial RPO service, giving you flexibility and the best value in the market. You receive similar quality talent that you would from a headhunter at a fraction of the cost.

Search Concierge

  • Search Concierge is a Chinese local recruiting "Source & Screen" service. The team of concierges sources and screens the right candidates for your open positions, utilizing the best sourcing techniques and resources available in China, including both active and passive job seekers, delivering to you first round interviews.

Talent Network

  • Talent Network is a fully optimized career site that allows customers to build an exclusive pipeline of relevant talent. Focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more than fancy design, Talent Network delivers you the rare and hard to find talent interested in working for your company.
  • Talent Network uses the power of search engines and internet portals to advertise your employment brand and job opportunities to interested talent.
  • Talent Network technology is based on CareerBuilder's 16 years of careers related search data on the internet. Our industry-best technology and data is the most effective and efficient way to build a pool of talent to meet your global hiring needs today and in the future.
  • Talent Network delivers you the highest quality and lowest rate of turnover hire in the industry.
  • As an add-on feature, Talent Network can track your sources of internet job seeker traffic as a 3rd party honest verification system showing you which vendors are providing you real value, strengthening your vendor management intelligence and increasing your ROI in targeting and attracting top talent.

Overseas Campus Recruiting

  • is North America's largest career site for college and entry level job seekers. Owned and operated by CareerBuilder, CareerRookie.com gives Chinese organizations access to more overseas Chinese student talent than any other website.
  • is Singapore's largest careers website and campus recruiting organization. Their country-leading college recruiting capabilities can help Chinese organizations attract the best talent in Singapore.
  • As recruiting experts in many global markets, CareerBuilder China can help you design your overseas campus recruiting program based on local best practices.

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